Marcio Paiva is a guitarist born in the Brazilian northeastern city of Maceió. Although he  loves playing the instrument nowadays it hasn't always been like that. When he was a child he   would just listen to Brazilian music influenced by his parents. It was only when he was ten that he aroused some interest in music - and that was when first heard Nirvana and discovery the rock music world. Influenced by the band, he decided he definitely wanted to play any instrument so he started playing bass in some punk and grunge bands at school. It was Iron Maiden`s guitar solos who amazed him leading to the decision of taking guitar lessons. His guitar teacher though first introduced him to acoustic guitar and took him back to the Brazilian music he used to listen when he was a child. But his love for the electric guitar was greater. He decided to save money to buy his own electric guitar. He was fourteen when he bought his first guitar and started his own self taught rock n roll classes. After playing guitar in several bands of different musical styles and with several artists of his country, marcio decided to make his solo career where he mixes his influences of rock with Brazilian music.

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